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Kingdom Of Zombie

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Playing Kingdom Of Zombie

Kingdom of Zombie is a nicely-done builder-shooter game. If you have been playing Ninja Saga or Pocket Pirates, then you would also love (and get addicted to) this game. But if you are a newbie in playing RPG or MMORPG games, you would cry for instructions on this one. Visually, the graphics are okay. The obstacles after each level get stronger which will really challenge your inner hunger for paramount game defiance. The goal of the game is to build a kingdom by earning gold and trees. Your job is also to protect the kingdom from zombies that are lurking the entire area. To win this game, you need to juggle all responsibilities of building the kingdom and protecting the place from the undead warriors. Think and move strategically and be careful with putting all of your workers on one small job. You might lose all of them when you need them most.

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