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Walking Dead Heads

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Playing Walking Dead Heads

In Walking Dead Heads be ready to be the food of those zombies. They can smell you where ever you go. But you can fight back by shooting them. Use the WASD keys to control and move your character. Make sure that you won’t let those zombies get near you. With the use of your mouse aim and shoot every zombie that you will see. long press the left click button to continuously so you can easily kill all those zombies. You must watch your health meter. It will be the end of the game if your health meter becomes empty. Run from those zombies and shoot them before they get close to you. Those zombies have different sizes. Their size determines how hard they can stand from your attack. Make sure to be fast enough in shooting them so they will be destroyed before they attack you. Finish as many zombies as you can while you are still alive.

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