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Bloody Zombie Sunset

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Playing Bloody Zombie Sunset

Bloody Zombie Sunset is a zombie shooting game. They are all hungry and they can smell you. You must be quick to shoot them all and finish them before they destroy the fence of your house and get you. There are different weapons that you can use in shooting those zombies. Pick the kind that you want and aim and shoot those zombies fast. Just shoot those zombies with your unlimited bullet. Reloading is automatic but you can enforce it by pressing the R key. The left click on your mouse is what you need to shoot those zombies. Create your character and make upgrades. Buy new weapons which that are much easier to use so you can bring down those zombies easily. Protect your home and also yourself from those monsters. Good luck and may you survive more days. Enjoy this Bloody Zombie Sunset game and make your playtime special.

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