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Zombies vs Pumpkins

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Playing Zombies vs Pumpkins

Enjoy playing Zombies VS pumpkins where you can choose your game mode to either Story mode or the Endless Night Mode. You will just use your mouse in attacking those zombies coming to you. Just move it to aim on the zombie that is about to come near you. Attack them with pumpkins and make sure that they get hit by it. If there are three zombies came near your fence, you are dead! So, take advantage of those bonuses. Hit a pumpkin you get additional life. Hit dynamite and you can kill the zombies around you. Get the electricity and you can electrify your fence. Also, remember that there are different kinds of zombies that. Know them well and make sure that you can hit them before they kill you. Do well, be fast and always think that you are only given three lives in this game.

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