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Zombie On Wheels The Arrival

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Playing Zombie On Wheels The Arrival

Zombie on Wheels the Arrival is a graphically attractive game which has the elements of both RPG and shooting game genre. It is an engaging game which will surely keep you busy for hours on end. In this game you play as a group of people trying to survive the harsh environment of the future which is filled with zombies that lurks in every street and building. Zombies come flying in as they go for the kill. But that won’t be enough to put you down. Shoot your way out of every trouble you get into and reap the rewards of success. Ride through the zombie hoard with blazing guns drawn and ready to fire. Don’t forget to reload though as you won’t kill any zombie with an empty gun. You can upgrade your equipment to better protect yourself and your companions. Take on this wonderful zombie shooting game now.

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